Friday, June 12, 2009

Still Standing

This is my first time blogging, a friend of mine actually put me on to the many advantages of utilizing this format. I am an aspring writer of poetry/rhyme/spoken word as well as fictional(the fictional part is still in the works) Anyway, i have been writing poetry for well over 12 years now. What inspires me most, it is a combination of real life events that has shaped me over the years, my spiritual beliefs, some of the many people that i have encountered over the years but my first love which inspires me most, is my love for hip-hop. I began following hip hop back in 1987 during that ole skool error. I could go on and on naming off some of my favorite hip hop artist, but the list would be way too long, i still follow it till this day. And by the way, when it comes to rhymes, at my best, i can still give these young cats a run for there money. I do respect a lot of the newer generation of artist especially young jeezy. Anyway, my goal is exposure and i figured this would be a good way to start and before i forget, i definitely have something for the ladies, i write a lot of romantic poetry as well but if you were to ever meet me in person you would never think so. I hope you enjoy some of the many entries that i will post on my blog site and i hope to inspire change, encourage and be a voice for those who cannot speak on the many challenges that many african american brothers and sisters are faced with but i would also like to reach out to people of all ethnicities to at least if nothing else, provoke some thought as well as discussion. My very first entry that i will post, originally, i had titled it "Born with the will of a champion." But then as i read over it again the other day i decided to call it "Still Standing" enjoy.


I feel the walls closing in
As if I am being pushed closer to the ledge
Why is it
That a man should be pushed so close to the edge

Fighting thru this rage that i debate
unleashing my wrath
At times
That is what i comtemplate

Why is it
That a man should be pushed so close to the edge

I fight
I fight
I fight
For a second chance
A brand new dance
Dreaming, hoping, believing
That it will all turn out well

Trying so hard
Avoiding many pitfalls
So that I don't land myself inside a cell

Still, why is it
That one man should be pushed so close to the edge

Every which way that I turn
Realizing, God chose me
Still many oppose me
Substaining peace
Knowing that soon, it will be my turn

As I pray right before I should lay
Tommorrow is a new day

I ask God to grant me the strength
The wisdom and inner peace
Once i let go, then comes a release

Still, I must push back against all my foes
Substain myself thru all the lows
I have suffered many many blows
Here I am, still here
Still Standing
Still Standing
Still Standing

This is no time to sit
Complain or have a fit
The storm may get rough
I refuse to quit
I won't give in or give up
after all
God won't let me fall
I was not designed in that way
This is role i was chosen to play
This shall be the day

All is going as planned
Here I still stand
Yes indeed,
I am still standing
I am still standing