Friday, April 30, 2010

Masters Of Illusion - Scared Straight

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pete Rock & Deda-Marked 4 Death

Pete Rock & InI - No More Words

Grand Agent - This Is What They Meant ft. Pete Rock (Ge-ology Remix)

Cannibal Ox - Pigeon

Not Yet Titled......

Though I have moved on, The sight of you still lingers thru my mind
So, So fine, at least that was my thought at one time
Your smile, A pleasantrie to me like the rays of sunshine
I guess for us to be, just seems like it was not the right tiime

I have many visions of you, a thought that is now a lost memory
Trying to figure... ...out... what kind of vibes are you sending me
Its as if this gift won't allow my heart to shift
It won't allow me to move away from thee
Pictures of you etched all thru my memory

I want to forget about you, but my heart won't allow me
I want to hate you, wondering if you even have thoughts about me
This reaction is much deeper than physical attraction
My actions wish to cease this plan, however, my hearts longs to understand

I wish for you to evaporate, as if you never existed
If only these feelings could be removed in this instant
Still, the love in me longs to give
This is no way for one man to live

To live, not knowing if you were the one to be
Wondering is this a truth that I am to see

My love for you runs deep, many nights, thinking of you, I cannot seem to sleep
I am lost without you, I just want you near, I just everything to be clear
Why would God allow are paths to cross, only to leave my heart naked....I am still not clear
I can still hear your voice whispering to my ears
If only you could be near, I just need to hear
I need to know your truest intentions
Written across my heart, grabbing my undivided attention

I just want to understand
Is having you a part of Gods plan
I am really trying to understand

I can only hope for an answer to the many question I pose
I just need to know, are you the one that God has chose
I suppose the answer will be revealed
Like I said before, You are to good to be real
Its not just your, smile, not even your sex appeal
Its is this deep connection towards you that I feel
Something of this magnitude......This has to be real
Until the time arrives.....I can only hold to what it is that I truely feel
I just need clarity, understanding.......I just need to know if these feelings I have towards you are for real......
Until then, I guess this is Gods way of telling me to remain still.......