Wednesday, May 7, 2014


"This title was a long time coming. I give accounts of various events in my life that forever shaped me into the man I have become today. I approached this speaking from the heart without censoring any of my thoughts. I have struggled with the anxiety/bipolar condition, drugs, alcohol as well; also,I am a high school dropout. I have been high and have been low, I have starred death right in the face time and time again, battled with thoughts of suicide, as well; was homeless for six months living in my car while living in California. In spite the many adversities I have faced, I have grown even stronger in my faith. Am I perfect, no! Nor would I want to be. These memoirs as well as some select journals and poetry speaks from the soul of a man who had every reason to give up, throw in the towel and just say the hell with it. But I didn't , I pray that this story will inspire those who struggle with the same to never quit!"

Roberto Denaro Styles


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  1. I'm looking so forward to reading this new release after reading some of this Authors Prior Work WOW Can Wait