Friday, November 4, 2011

Precious Nightingale

I need to dwell spells of thee
Sweetened aromas therapeutic
Embellish me your crisp airs
Comforting the murmurs
Of hearts longing cries
You are my angel eyes
You are more to me
Than hips, dips and thighs
I desire your presences
Heightened degrees
More than just ecstasy
You are the fulfillment
Of all my dreams
Come dwell with me
Grace me my precious Queen
Redeem your heart to thee
Dwell next to me
Passions looms
The stills of silence
Taken a back by the flutter
Of your heartbeat
Every breath you utter in distance
In rhythm
In sync
Just think, nothing could go greater
Than a pair such as you and me
You are my perfect fit
Like a pair of tims well fit
You are the better half of me
My persistence for thee
Is to exist forever as we
Just you and me
So fond….truly blessed
That we can share a love of this……..

Copyright©2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

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