Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Seeking cover........

Everything is slow pace

As I fall to slumber
I cover up my face
Thinking my life is a waste
Trying to sleep it off
So I cover my face
Don't want nobody
To see what
Dwells inside this
Troubled heart
This is nothing 
To do with fear
I want to speak out
But would anybody hear
So in the meantime
I cover my face
Shut my lids
Hoping when I awake
Todays pain
Tommorrow will be erased
I don't wanna talk
I just want to cover my face
This hovering cloud
Feeling such a disgrace
I wanna scream
Then I think
One breath to waste
I grab the pillow case
Just want to cover my face
So much I want to reveal
My soul is troubled
Depressions a rampid overkill
I just want to cover my face
Holding back the tears
Holding back the hurt
Feeling like my life
My life as I see it
Is nothing but......
As I dwell this desolate place
Trying to fight it.....
Just want to cover my face.........

Just want this pain to evaporate
I need escape, loosing my faith
Running low on patience
Sick of the matrix, been so many places

Just want to cover my place

Can't take it.....I dwell this empty space..........

Copyright(c)2011 RDS

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