Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How Long?!?............

It ups and just by passes my existence

Persistent calls to God and wondering why
Why such the long wait
Am I being punished for all my mistakes
Only so much of this heartache I can take
Everyday I awake, I give, I give
Do what I got to do, so I can live
Many deposits with no return
Expecting me to smile
All willie and optimistic
How long must I wait
Or will I spend my life
Paying for all my mistakes
Can't catch a break...going on 41
Not feeling to great, just want to catch a break
When will my time come
When it comes to love
Like an escaped convict
Always seems to be on the run
Do I need to hostage
Hold her with the gun
When is the winds of change
Going to blow my way
This is not about getting some
NO....not me, cause see
All I need is one....
So tell something GOD...
When is it going to happen
Don't have many more years to go
And must not forget, not young anymore
Waking this bed alone on the daily
Love, would you come and save me
This is deeper than want.......
Something my heart so badly needs
I seek, I search, this is becoming to much work...
And if another person gives me advice....
Telling you know......It will happen some day
Okay.....Okay, here that almost everyday....
There has got to be somebody.....after all
There a gazillions souls that dwell this earth
Still.....I wait, I wait, I search, I debate
I get pissed, get sad, get mad
]When I see that happy couple, wishing it was me
Taking romantic walks in the spring
But it seems all I run across is....
My mind begins to ponder
Many days I wonder
These desires taking me under
But you promised me......
Yeah I know....It's not the season
So what's the reason, I am to.....
Dwell on my own....
I try to see the good in it all.....
But at almost 41, when is my time to come.......

Just so sick of waiting so long........

So when will my time be
When will the day come
When will this meant to be
When will this be a part of my reality

Just so sick of the waitin
Constant debatin...
One day all smiles
Another day all frowns
All of these up and downs
Do you even care
Do you hear me now
Or is this all a mistake
To ask of you....When...When
When will I get my turn
My chest burns nightly
Brighten my heart this very being
Cause see....Even though I'm a man
My heart has adsorbed enough of these lonely tears

Not trying to debate
Not hear to question you
But how long.....how long

How long must a man wait.........

Copyright(c)2011 RDS

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