Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How Long?!?............

It ups and just by passes my existence

Persistent calls to God and wondering why
Why such the long wait
Am I being punished for all my mistakes
Only so much of this heartache I can take
Everyday I awake, I give, I give
Do what I got to do, so I can live
Many deposits with no return
Expecting me to smile
All willie and optimistic
How long must I wait
Or will I spend my life
Paying for all my mistakes
Can't catch a break...going on 41
Not feeling to great, just want to catch a break
When will my time come
When it comes to love
Like an escaped convict
Always seems to be on the run
Do I need to hostage
Hold her with the gun
When is the winds of change
Going to blow my way
This is not about getting some
NO....not me, cause see
All I need is one....
So tell something GOD...
When is it going to happen
Don't have many more years to go
And must not forget, not young anymore
Waking this bed alone on the daily
Love, would you come and save me
This is deeper than want.......
Something my heart so badly needs
I seek, I search, this is becoming to much work...
And if another person gives me advice....
Telling you know......It will happen some day
Okay.....Okay, here that almost everyday....
There has got to be somebody.....after all
There a gazillions souls that dwell this earth
Still.....I wait, I wait, I search, I debate
I get pissed, get sad, get mad
]When I see that happy couple, wishing it was me
Taking romantic walks in the spring
But it seems all I run across is....
My mind begins to ponder
Many days I wonder
These desires taking me under
But you promised me......
Yeah I know....It's not the season
So what's the reason, I am to.....
Dwell on my own....
I try to see the good in it all.....
But at almost 41, when is my time to come.......

Just so sick of waiting so long........

So when will my time be
When will the day come
When will this meant to be
When will this be a part of my reality

Just so sick of the waitin
Constant debatin...
One day all smiles
Another day all frowns
All of these up and downs
Do you even care
Do you hear me now
Or is this all a mistake
To ask of you....When...When
When will I get my turn
My chest burns nightly
Brighten my heart this very being
Cause see....Even though I'm a man
My heart has adsorbed enough of these lonely tears

Not trying to debate
Not hear to question you
But how long.....how long

How long must a man wait.........

Copyright(c)2011 RDS
Seeking cover........

Everything is slow pace

As I fall to slumber
I cover up my face
Thinking my life is a waste
Trying to sleep it off
So I cover my face
Don't want nobody
To see what
Dwells inside this
Troubled heart
This is nothing 
To do with fear
I want to speak out
But would anybody hear
So in the meantime
I cover my face
Shut my lids
Hoping when I awake
Todays pain
Tommorrow will be erased
I don't wanna talk
I just want to cover my face
This hovering cloud
Feeling such a disgrace
I wanna scream
Then I think
One breath to waste
I grab the pillow case
Just want to cover my face
So much I want to reveal
My soul is troubled
Depressions a rampid overkill
I just want to cover my face
Holding back the tears
Holding back the hurt
Feeling like my life
My life as I see it
Is nothing but......
As I dwell this desolate place
Trying to fight it.....
Just want to cover my face.........

Just want this pain to evaporate
I need escape, loosing my faith
Running low on patience
Sick of the matrix, been so many places

Just want to cover my place

Can't take it.....I dwell this empty space..........

Copyright(c)2011 RDS

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Love~A RDS Collaboration featuring Alfreda Ghee

Alfreda Ghee

Look at you with that bright smile

Those beautiful eyes that see right through me

That loving heart that I refuse to let go of

The soul of an angel that I will cherish for ever

Cant seem to get you out of my mind

Lying here in time and all I seem to see is you

Filling spaces but they are just empty without you

Losing my mind because you are out of my reach

Falling deeper and deeper into this dark hole that surrounds the ground

knowing that you are the desires seeking my every breath

Wanting you more and more within 

Yearning and burning for your loving touch

Calling out for your touch in the midst of the night

feeling that you cant be too far from that bright star

Loving you scores upon scores

Rushing and sweating to get to your door

Like a loading gun waiting to fire the desires that are stirred up inside

Firing with all ive got not to miss the spot on your chest

Aiming to win your love above all and place it upon my breast

Wishing that we could be closer to this we share

The flares that rise when you cross my mind

When it ignites we wont be able to fight this feeling that we feel

My entire life I have spent searching for you

Now its time you follow those lights to where we will make a home

For two to become one!!!

PoetauthorRoberto Denaro Styles

A shift in my heart

As I marinate 

Your many expressions of we

Penetrating the depths of my soul

I long your warmth at night

No longer shall my heart go lone

No longer shall I dwell distant and cold

I want to scream those three words

Shout them to every area code cause see.....

I didn't find you, you find me....

You brought forth discovery

Uncovering the true heart of me

Long buried under the rubbles

As I was lost, a shattered abyss

A lifeless shell dwelled this cold world

My precious pearl, my wonderful world

As I hearken to your calls.....We hold hands

Not for occasion....the persuasion of mode

Everything just feels right with you

You are the embodiment of me

You are my lost in every thought of thee

Your soulful sonnets wisk me away

By greater degrees

Knowing you are just a call away

Mutually understanding, you are my perfect plan devised

You are my actuality....my reality.....My every memory

You are my meant to be......Closer than family.....And yes....

You get me.....You know my fears......You understand me......

For each time we enevolope ourselves the whims of our affectionate favors shared......Your stare, that glare captures me as we lock......

Seeing not just the shell of thee......Seeing deeper inside me.....

Intense the chemistry......This surge of love penetrates me

Our blossom unfolds fate.....You brought the great within me.........

You are all that I can't be......You complete me, you don't just desire the idea of me.....

You desired every fold of my existence......Your presistence at times.....Had me questioning God like "What is this"

What is happening to me.....Suddenly, I can see us, matrimony.....My one and only......The first and last woman I will ever kiss.......

You cross my mind......Sincerly yours my dear.......

Fate has made it's way, opening the vaults of my heart, once headed for ruins.......Unexpected......This love I do receive........

You enhance me my precious misses......My queen.....My premadonna.......Bath me your delightful kisses......

My tasteful treat.......As we retreat to sollitude.....

Your love has awakened me.....My thirst you quench......

I need you closer to me........Every fold of you I need........

I heed your mating rituals......You are my divine......My spiritual connection......

As I reflect upon the thousand of days, a thousand ways I can say to you......How much I truly adore.....How much I truly love you.

Copyright(c)2011 Alfreda Ghee
Copyright(c)2011 Roberto Denaro Styles 

Friday, November 4, 2011

Precious Nightingale

I need to dwell spells of thee
Sweetened aromas therapeutic
Embellish me your crisp airs
Comforting the murmurs
Of hearts longing cries
You are my angel eyes
You are more to me
Than hips, dips and thighs
I desire your presences
Heightened degrees
More than just ecstasy
You are the fulfillment
Of all my dreams
Come dwell with me
Grace me my precious Queen
Redeem your heart to thee
Dwell next to me
Passions looms
The stills of silence
Taken a back by the flutter
Of your heartbeat
Every breath you utter in distance
In rhythm
In sync
Just think, nothing could go greater
Than a pair such as you and me
You are my perfect fit
Like a pair of tims well fit
You are the better half of me
My persistence for thee
Is to exist forever as we
Just you and me
So fond….truly blessed
That we can share a love of this……..

Copyright©2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

Seeking It's Whereabouts

I’m a by product of the gentle stills of love
It brings me tranquility, helping to simplify
But for so long, feels like I am chasing a lie
A mirage to the human eyes……As I walk
Moving thru the after planes….
My heart has become a deserted terrain of ruin
I hear cupids call, in my mind…I seek logic
I seek reasoning…..God seasons my soul
These special ingredients, he implanted this 
Desirable recipe…..But the mind of me still questions
Who is called to me…..Who is meant to be…
Imprisoned to the anguish of heartache by greater degrees
I just want this to actualize, form my hearts eyes to see
Troubling thoughts evade my soul, so much has taken toll
My heart can’t withstand another ache….can’t withstand another bad break
Maybe I am just a realist……Only believing in what I see…..
Many desire a want for me, but they are not into to ME…
They are into the idea of me…..It’s not me they long for
They only desire the poetry in me…The trust in me has descended
Too much of this……..Wrong time, wrong place
Just a quick rendezvous at my place or there place
Then it’s more of the same….That’s why I need my space…….
Have I given up…….I wish not to entertain such a notion
Cause see……The heart of me, breeds loves purity
But the sin within me……Refuses to open my heart to see
It’s like a metal coated shell, severing my ties with all the alibis
All the deception, being the other man……pretending its all fine
In my mind, this blissful, happy ever after is only a dream in my scheme of thought
I bare my soul, I admit, I am a broken man…..Who would have thought
After all…..A man like me, quite enticing to the human eye
Been told of my handsome, features godly groomed…but to be specific
I too long that romance, as we advance the scales of the stars, gazing upon the moon
My heart bleeds for the happily ever after…..Or at least that used to be the case
Now…..I prolong this slow pace…….after all the hurt, consecutive times
Getting to know someone, finally feeling I can unwind with some quality time
A touch, a kiss….springs forth an unwarranted friendship…..
Left asking myself how did I get into this……All because of a kiss…..
Trying with everything to understand this, I tango this lovers matrix
Only to be placed on reserve……Waiting to be brought off the bench
Cause see…..I know what it is to be….Someone’s joy….momentarily…..
I know what it is to be the maintenance that provides a temporary fix…
I know what it is to be someone’s addiction….Nothing more….
This underscore derives my every predicament….Still asking God
What is this…..Why choose me…..You loosing me with all the woes
And by the way……You are moving to slow…..Yeah, I know that’s wrong for me to say….
My heart holds the torments of a lost runaway….Wandering aimlessly in this distorted wonderland
Where I am nothing more than just that make you feel good, late night after 2 am kind of man…
At least that’s the perception…….I don’t know about He….But as far as ME…..
I long to love strong, hard, mental and physical…..All just an instrumental process
For now……*sigh* I digress……Don’t know if I can handle the process
Of all the start over agains, taking chances, so many advances, only to become….Just a friend…
This road I have traveled long enough……For every murmur of my heart, throttles bewildered
They always say….Name it, claim it….But its been forty years now…..Forty years too long…
God please explain to me…..Because I simply can’t take it……Fill me where I am void

Cause my cup of love is running on empty…….

What can you tell, please explain, sick of the games……..

I need you to help me………My poetic confessions…….

Copyright©2011 Roberto Denaro Styles