Friday, August 3, 2012

Bliss Overflow
 Could have all the fixings of the world
Drapped the linens of life's extra trimmings
But what does it all mean...
To share, dream
When the night looms
I long you to fall into my embrace
My warmth shelters the winters breeze
Sonnets dance about my heart
What would it all mean...
To not share all of myself
The wealth of love welling
The streams flow from my heart
I burst by the seams
I covet your comforting folds
Your supple airs I nape upon
Calm like doves hovering piers
Your joyful rains
Jubilant teardrops
You captive my heart
Trembling aftershocks
My heart succumbs
You...the math to my equation...
My blight,
Eyes shimmer luminescent moonlights
I harbor your vixen within every fiber my core
Soaring suns to your radiant sparkle
I shall want not....
Expose' parlay insurgent Mi' Amore
The day you waltz my front doors
Heart valves catapult glazed elevations
Drizzled your loving downpours...
I heed your score....
Finesse me your illustrious....
Indelible soars....
Finesse me your Mi' Amore
I need you so....

Copyright(c)2014 Roberto Denaro Styles

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