Friday, May 27, 2011

Anticipation Awaits Us

My precious Safire
An inferno burns
My flesh raging
In your ambiance
The presence of you
Pulsate streams
Of pure iniquities
Intense energy immense
My intents
To reinvent
As we abide to commence
These ties we are to sever
I never knew
In my wildest dreams
I would your affectionate favors
Your skin tone I savor
I shall never waiver
I delight your succulent favors
Your whiles
Provocative streams
Wells my enzymes
Capillaries of all things
This passion enraged
Engages my bloodstreams
You are all I dream
And know this is not a one time thing
Between King and Queen
Just relax yourself
As I indulged the wealth of you
Never to sever our ties
My eyes scan your canvas
I endeavor thee
Just you and me
On a rendezvous
On a cruise to the Bermudas
My eyes scan your dunes
Caressing cones
Sporadic kissing exchange
As our tongues explore
The core of our inner beings enraged
Lets turn the page
Must admit
I can’t quit
My eyes scan every section
Recollecting your good looks
Two hopeless romantics
Like we rode the titanic
Graced before a prim Donna
With good looks
Records of the Guinness books
Time to settle the score
No need to lose focus
A midst these locus
As I conduct my hocus pocus
Still….you are my focus
Lime green bikini
G string
Turn off the phone
Selfish for thee
To have you
Alone with me
As I devour your physical degree
A pedigree of sort never mentioned
Caressing the folds
Hands grope your folds
Eyes scanning your molded dimensions
Sultry as your mouth escapes me
The sonnets to be
Curvaceous dunes
In tune with the rigors a midst
Our tongues tangle
As we mangle this kiss
The full of your lips
As I press against your hips
To devise strategy
My majesty, getting one
Throughout the night
As we take plight
A board this sensual escapade…….

Copyright©2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

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