Friday, May 27, 2011

Tugging Of The Soul

My heart loathes for you
A sadness settles in
So many nights
My plight
Is my many bouts with doubt
To find that true love
Quintessential this is
An emptiness overshadows me
So fond of thee
You have truly befriended my heart
So many nights
As I write
Painting collages upon my heart
Your ambiance
Radiantly shinning bright
Holding to hopes
As I pray before my father
Before I lay
As my mouth parts
Words I form
Yet, nothing to say
As I lay
Thru the still of the night
Visuals of you
Etched deep within
My mind wonders
Thoughts of thee
You and me
When will be the right time
To love on you
Each night I reflect
Our souls and spirits connect
My heart is broken
Living with many regrets
To taste the purity of thee
As I divulge your sensual wines
A mating of souls
To have you this lifetime
A connection of souls
As if you were meant for me
And only me
Each night I think of thee
Just to hear the soft of your voice
As your melodies ring
Soothing to the ears
Awaiting the day
A mating of hearts
Two becoming one
Awaiting the day
To hear your voice again
I know there is the Mr.
Someone else in the picture
If it was up to me
I would see to it
Anyway to alleviate
Together, I stand with thee
Just you and me
I long to be your permanent fixture
To give all of me
The beauty your bring before me
Longing this to be more than mere fantasy
Sometimes I have to pinch myself
Hoping I don’t awaken from this dream
This longing I have for thee
This hidden desire I can never tell
Captured a midst your spell
The warmth of your bosom
I wish to dwell
Hoping this is no fairytale
I desire to be your happy ending
Your love you spring forth
Your loving arms is where I wish to dwell
To caress the full of your canvas
As we share that first kiss
Each night I seek your scribe
I adore you so
My inhibitions I harbor
When your are absent
Your presence I solely miss
You have impregnated me your rhythms
Incisions injected to my heart
Visuals of thee
Just you and me
A task placed on my wish list
Gently, as I plant that first kiss
The soul of you I seek
Each and every week
Awaiting the day
We can lock eyes
Touch hands
Woman and man
You forth a beauty
A man as myself
Desire such a love a this
To have you as my misses


No longer is this a wish
A fantasy, A dream
I deem to hold your heart
Treat it delicately
My precious violet
I just want you
I desire you so…….

Will you be a part of my reality……..

Copyright©2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

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