Friday, May 27, 2011

Will It Ever Be............

Something deeper than infatuation
A meeting of the minds
Two souls combined
Cleaving as one
Intuitive to our needs
She is my earth
She is the air I breath
She is not just a want
She completes me in all her ways
Many days surpass
Will this be my actuality
Will this ever be my reality
I feel as if I am a lost sheep in the valley
As if my brook has ran dry
As if the valves of my heart have run low on supply

Maybe this is not the season
Trying to piece it all together
As I ponder the reason
Maybe God is preserving
For someone else observing
Not seeking mistaken identity
Many come, they all befriend me
Only to send me away
Left to start all over again
Seeking that emotional closeness
An understanding as friends
A greater union I seek
The kind that makes my knees weak
That trimmer my heart
The moment I hear her speak
Conversing for hours
This true is what I seek

I refuse to believe
That this true I seek
Is nowhere within reach
My precious peach
The sweet of your nectar
This blissful taste I wish to savor

I need more than my carnal ideas can conceive
Showing belief in each other, sights set as we both achieve
This true I seek, the greatest of all dreams
More the a beauty queen out of a magazine
More than cheapened ecstasy
I need more than just a dream
I can’t help but think

Where could she be
Maybe my timing is off
Maybe this is all just a fable

Still….not able to fathom the idea
That such a thing for such a King
Should be unreal….Hoping at some point
This specimen of a vessel
At some point she shall reveal

I just need to know
These desire I hold
Is it meant for me to feel

I just need to know

Is this true I seek

Will it ever happen for me

Somewhere….Out there

I refuse to believe

Can’t conceive the idea

That this chance meeting

Is never meant to be

It has to be real

Something I can see, touch and feel

I just need to know

Is this true I seek

Will it ever come to be real
More than just sex appeal
More than just lust
I just need to hold
Touch and feel
I just need to know
Can this ever be for me

I need the real deal

Just expressing many thoughts

Truly…..this is how I feel…..

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