Friday, May 27, 2011

Scribes For The Chosen Soul

Bound by your imagery
An illustrious soul
When you scroll
Its as if you are right before me
Holding to hopes
My focus elopes the ideas
That you my preciousness
Sow these fertile soils
As I toil to thought
That you were perfected
For my soul to savor
Induced by your array of hypnotic
Quotables shown in recent comings
The verses spew forth like waterfalls
Showering my soul
The magnitude of your words
Display a towering effect
My hearts rhythms
Thump to the melodies you hum
Divine we connect
Many thoughts I dissect
Perfected for thee
By every degree
Your heart I hold
Your heart I protect
The symmetry you interject
Passionate interludes
At this moment
I must digress
Hopes of you
Clutching the depths of my soul
Hoping you dream of me
Hoping you think of me
My soul adores you so
In closing
May this be a new beginning
Together, as we scribe a new chapter
You are more than just my here and now

You are my here and after
Enveloped of thee
A Love of such magnitude
In due season
For this very reason
Sonnets scribe upon my soul
A mating ritual
Two spirits in conquest
I desire to mate you

From now until the here and after
As we scroll a new chapter…….

Copyright©2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

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