Friday, May 27, 2011

Awaiting Visitation

A sleepless enemy
Invades my space
As I awaken
To a new day
Brightened by the allures
Of heavens sunrays
As I set my sights
Shower me away
Heart becomes misty
Here today
Only to evaporate the next
Carried a board the threshold
Of these gusting winds of change
A time traveler
Unravels these truths
A recuth forever remaining shallow
Smitten by the undercurrents of iniquity
To breath
To cry
To smile
To live
This very thing, it entity I aspire
Each night as I retire
My mind goes aloof
A sadden soul abyss
A promise
Or mere wishful thinking
As I scribe in silence
Bound by this towering walls
Built mechansim
Anything to avoid its call
Again, I cannot fall
In spite elation
Celebration is no time near
As the sparrows hover above me
Whispers from the cloud
Rain drops descend
Hoping somewhere
Someone shares my plea
I just can't seem
To relinquish this dream
A scheme dwells my thoughts
Hoping this very thing
A lifelong dream
To materialize
To actualize
I must remove the "no vacany"
Replace all the painful memories
Hoping someday, we will cross paths
An aftermath of many iniquities I bare
But nothing is to compare
The constraints
The restraints
Deep seated scars
Many years have past
I seek more than visitation
Elevate me these woeful days

If only......only.......

She could come my way.........

Love.....Love........Rain upon me.....

Copyright(c)2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

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