Friday, May 27, 2011

My Hearts Motivation, My Souls Inspiration

Arisen by the morning dew

A fixation lingers
Caught between time and thought
As I scribe those lonely pages
A war rages my anatomy
Stricken the rigors
Such intense want
Passionate peaks with vigor
Spellbound, entranced
Of your enchanted allure you dispel
In this game of kiss and tell
Daily consumptions I need
As you lay in wait
Patiently, you anticipate
The date of this you and I
Thesis scrolled upon my soul
Stripped to bare essential
Calls to my deeper inhibitions
Distraught as I unveil the bare of iniquities
Time becomes my enemy
Imagery exposes your trajectory
A mystery of two souls
And two quails, lovers unveil
To actualize
As we fornicate our rhythms
Our inks dance across pages
An ageless wonder
A timeless endeavor by fortitude
As I conclude
The infinite of interlude
I interject many thoughts as I reflect
Protective I thee
Such symmetry
I never awaken from these dream
In my scheme of thinking
As I drink of your fountains
Savoring your delightful delicacies
My only hopes I hold
To unfold this illusion
So the conclusion
No longer an illusion I bare to seek
Many nights, my plight for she
Anticipating the day
By my side
She awaits me
An awakening of senses
She bestows her clairvoyance of imagery
Spellbound to memory
A hemorrhaging of lust
Set to burst by the seams
Many nights, I have these dreams
And so many others
Two lovers expand
Embraced by every thought
Lost as I move about lands
A figment of me
Hoping to touch hands
Cascades curvaceous
Very persuasive by many means
As the night calls
I heed her call
Even in my slumber
As I dream of thee
Her passionate screams
Awakens me

Knowing she desire we
A kinship
A friendship
If only this could be
More than a dream
In love with a fantasy
A mere image of my reality
This love I share for thee
Anticipating the day

This voluptuous queen
Deem herself a part of me
After all……
She is the heart of me

To have her
To hold her
To mold her to be…..

A part of my reality
A war rages my loins
Now I become casualty

Holding to these truths I bare

Sincerely yours my dear…….

Holding to the hopes

That she

That me
That we

Together, can make this our reality……For now, I remain casualty……..

Copyright©2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

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