Friday, May 27, 2011

Anticipation Fulfilled

Disclaimer: This is an Erotic Piece I put together. This may come off like a short story, just experimenting. Anyhow, if you are not into this kind of material....Keep it moving, otherwise....Enjoy.

Anticipation Fulfilled

Anticipation wells up
Flows thru my bones
Every inch of my frame
Desire you
Cultivate me
As we mate collision
You react with precision
I envision this dream
Me and my queen
“Just the Two of Us”
I remember the very first time
That glare so radiant
Expels your eyes
It was high noon
White dress
By your thigh
I observed the slit
Cream coated thighs
Awakened my inner man
As he stands to rise
But what we shared
From the moment we met
A connection mutual
Deepened this dream
To explore all physicality’s
Etched fresh in my memory
Wonder would it be him or me
At least that was how it was to be
It was easy for me to see
You possessed such dynamic appeal
To touch
To feel
To explore you
As I bit the bottom of my lip
My mouth salivated
My heartbeat elevated
Anxiety shifted upon me
As you walked passed me
I grabbed your arm
Using my charm
Did not want you to leave yet
My trousers drenched with sweat
An evening after work
At the construction site
My desire for that day
That we could parlay
Just to be alone with you
Hoping it would be that night
But nah……
Had to be a gentlemen
We started as friends
As we wine
As we dine
Catching a flick in the eve
The more time we spent
The more I wanted to cleave
I just couldn’t stand to see you leave
Right then and there
The thumping of my heart
Pounding rapidly
Till this day,
I must say
Nothing distorts the faint of memory

Fast forward……..

It was a summer evening
Sitting on the patio
I had steaks and shish kabobs
on the grill
Jacuzzi bubbling
Eighty degrees this eve
The set of the scene
A moment together
Only two lovers could dream
Streams bubble your falls
That first kiss
As I reminisce
My hands moving
Rapidly across your back
The wet of our tongues engage
Caressing every inch of your curves
Your hips swerve
Gyrating instinctive rhythms
Everything I envision
So many position
This night we partake in
On this night……
We become closer than friends
Fleshly suppressions take lead
As we take heed
Of this collision
Our bodies pressed
We make amends
Clothing descends these fertile grounds
Sounds of music blaring
On the balcony
Hoping the neighbors are staring
Enveloped as we lip lock
Not a care in the world
My hands caress your lower regions
Your lids shut
Your toes curl
Caressing this precious pearl
Your eyes beg of me
Speaking volumes
In the solitude of lovers crest
Tasting the full of your mouth
As I devour your succulent breast
My tongue gropes your cups
Perfected double d’s by every degree
Exploring spots that only this man can see
A shift quakes my manly pedigree
As you unzip my trousers
Aroused immensely
You drop down to your knees
The throb of my man load
All ten inches
Your thrust goes quenched
You bathe me your saliva
Your mouth spreads for my load
You implore every inch of me
My mouth salivates
I fiend to delight your tasty treats
Not one to be discreet
My fingers
Caressing every inch of your spread
After a half hour
Catering my manpower
Now its my turn……
I lye you across the edge of the sofa
I bury myself your muff
Hands cuff your thighs
As my tongue swirls circular motion
A devotion to scan every inch of your clit
Mouth drenched of your juices
Hips gyrate
Hands caress the back of my head
Erectiles throbbing
Sliding my tongue
As I bury every inch
My thirst quench
Tasting the sweet
The inner warmth of your love chambers
My throb rages anger
Ready to pump and thrust
Bump and move
Bodies glisten in sweat
Damn girl….You are so so wet
Your juices saturate my chin
I lift up…….
A glare and a grin
As my throbbing man meat
Discreet endeavors
As I slowly
Slide my girth in
“Ooooooh baby”
As you release a moan
I am full bone
Slowly stroking
My shaft slides deeper as I stroke
Poking deeper regions as I groove about
Moans escape your airs, tracing the strands of your hairs
Intense thrust as I burst full throttle
As our earths quake, the floor shakes
The neighbors below us
Awaken to our bellows
Calls of the night
As we back break
This is no half hour routine
All night long
I penetrate strong……
Shifting your axis
As we go on and on…….

Storms and rains
Relieving pains
Removing heartaches
That once remained
As we engage this lovers game
That I lay claim
Your feelings shall never go dormant
You are more than a lover
You are more than a flame
Animalistic flares
Can never be tamed……..

After a half hour
I pull out my thick
Long throbbing love stick
Digging all the way in
Damn girl…..I knew you could handle it
Beating it up…..You call my daddy
Proudly, you juices saturate every inch

I turn you over now

Ready to devour your skins
Nice and round
Caressing your mounds
I straddle your backside
I slide in slowly
You clamp your lips
Hands around your hips
You whisper silently
“Daddy, I want to feel every inch of you”
No need to entice me
Dirty talk excites me
Well leave you something
To brag to your girl friends
Something to write in your diaries
The fiery darts of passions
Sparked your eyes
I can see
Bouncing your weight
Shifting your axis
Long strokes
Drenched of your puddles
Every inch of my load soaked
Plunging deeper
A night creeper
Engaging every inch
Pounding your girth
Clapping skins
Bouncing that ass
As I plunge deeper within
Another hour
As my manpower
Drilling your depths
Non stop…..Oooooooooh shit…..

Suddenly…..Ready to pop….

Pull out…..Spew all over your cheeks

Passions suppressions released

We pant

Heavy breath

We stop



I lye on top……

Just intermission

Until we reemerge again

Next……I want you to work it for me

As you get on top……….To be continued

Copyright©2011 Roberto Denaro Styles

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